Russian Space Station MIR

The Tommy Bartlett Exploratory in Wisconsin Dells is the only place on Earth where visitors can see, feel and experience an authentic Russian Space Station MIR core module. Only three core modules were made for the MIR program. The one that went into space burned up when it was de-orbited and crashed to Earth. A second module is warehoused in Russia and the third remains on permanent display at the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory. So how did this monstrous piece of space memorabilia end up smack-dab in the middle of the Midwest? Tommy Bartlett purchased it from a Moscow museum in 1997 and set it up at the Exploratory.

Set foot in the MIR Space Station without leaving Earth

Visitors can walk through the 43-foot-long structure that was designed as the operational nerve center for space explorers living on the MIR Space Station. A fun and educational experience, you will be able to investigate the module and see up close what the conditions were like for those who dared to live in outer space.

Journey to the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory and take a step into a piece of history that can only be seen in Wisconsin Dells.