Explore the history of a
Wisconsin Dells Science

Explore the History of a Wisconsin Dells Science Center

For more than 30 years, the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory has piqued human curiosity as a family favorite science museum in Wisconsin Dells. It opened in 1982 as Tommy Bartlett’s Robot World, featuring lovable robots like those popularized by film and TV of the era. The following year, the Exploratory was added, allowing visitors to delve “hands-on” into science.

Today the Exploratory is an interactive science center featuring more than 175 exhibits that stimulate your senses and test your knowledge. From simple puzzles to computerized gadgets, the Exploratory caters to all ages.

Over time, older-style robots have been phased out to make way for exhibits featuring real-life space travel. The largest expansion came in 1997, when Tommy Bartlett purchased an original Russian Space Station MIR core module. More recently a replica of a Mercury Space Capsule was added. As well, outside exhibits like the new Giant Lever and High Wire SkyCycle entertain visitors to this extraordinary science museum in Wisconsin Dells.

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